Mariko ASAI

Mariko Asai  (visual artist, based in Japan)

Mariko Asai works on mixed media installations.
Through her work, she focus on subtle, delicate phenomenon to perceive social structures. Trying to see movement in  daily life, showing glimpses of ’the world’ we cannot grasp and  ‘the other’s sight’ that we cannot see.

Asai has been in residence at a little cabin up in the valley of  Manndalen for about 2 months, without water and electricity, living the old way of life.

For Galleri Fjaerstein she will show the installation ‘SUKIMA NO CHIKEI_in-between’.
She is drawing something she sees at a glance.
She sees what she can see to show the world what one person can see.
Layered lines will be knit and related to the world to show the ‘SUKIMA’ - the space between the line.


‘To see a big stone falling down the mountain’
‘To see an apple core that I ate’
These can be the same on ‘seeing’
I draw just something I saw at a glance.
The lines I draw are  just my ‘visual perception’ before I find meaning .
I layer the lines to see the world I cannot grasp.

I look into the dark place that’s why I cannot grasp.
I have been with the passage of time
without the time named ’time’.
I want to see through the SUKIMA ( in-between),
through the drawings and stories that I created in this valley.

Mariko ASAI

Mariko Asai

Supported by Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation